Pastors & Staff

Pastors Gary & Kim Carter

Lead Pastors
Gary and Kim, are the founders and senior pastors of Life Church International a network of Christian churches with locations in Canada, Scotland, and Belize, Central America.
      His experience in business, church planting, leadership development, team building and politics has equipped him to connect with the relevant issues facing leaders today. He is the author of three books, The 'Power to Effect Change', 'Small Town Mega Church' and 'The Keys to the Kingdom'. He holds a doctorate of practical ministry with Wagner Leadership Institute.
Gary and Kim are also the founders of Gary Carter Inc. A company dedicated to leadership development through their Transitional Leadership program.
They reside in the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, have been married for 46 years and have three children with seven grandchildren all living in central Alberta.

Pastor Jenn CArter

Executive Pastor
Following bible school Jenn became the CFO of Life Church. She then transitioned into the marketplace. Her background in leadership involved business startups in heavy industry, economic development, corporate management, and team building. Her work history combined with her experience in the local church has equipped her to be a very effective Executive Pastor.

Pastors Mike & Shannon Sowden

Associate Pastors
Mike and Shannon were both raised in a God centred home and love serving the Lord in all they do.
    Mike was born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan. He has many years with leadership and supervision, having run his own company and has been working in the oil and gas industry for 17 years operating cranes and equipment and leading crews.
    Shannon has many years experience working in office management and with people and was blessed with the opportunity of raising their two beautiful children full time for the last 9 years.
     They are beyond humbly honoured to be given the opportunity to continue serving God as the Associate Pastors amongst an amazing church family.

Pastors  Kyle & Jessica Trevor

                                                                                        Youth Pastors
Jessica and I have two delightfully active boys Ozias and Eli. As a couple we have only spent a handful of years outside of leading young people.
 Our passion is seeing people meet with God. We have had the privilege of leading students towards community, faith, and personal development for over 15 years. The most satisfying experience has been providing space for students to see and know that they are loved. In our experience, there is no one that can love better than God. At Life church, we seek to point students to Jesus, so they can see that they're known and pursue their very best life. The life handcrafted by God, who loves them very much.

Pastoral Care Team

Meet our Pastoral Care team who are passionate about connecting with and mentoring our Church family.  


Young At Heart Pastoral Care

Jon & Barb Bensen

College & Career Pastoral Care

Rebekah Bensen

Youth Pastoral Care

Church Planting

John & Lasmian Kingma

Revival Church St.Albert

Team Leaders

Colin & Janel Schulz

Worship Teams Coordinators
As we enter into Praise and Worship, our heart's desire is to worship God in spirit and in truth!  We are a group of worshipers that are passionate about His presence!  We long to be in His presence and have His glory pour out!  We desire to create moments where it is just an audience of one!  

Jonathan Bensen

Tech Team Coordinator
Jon has a passion for excellence in all things technical.  Whether it is sound engineering, lighting, visual presentations and effects, or broadcasting, the goal is to bring our best to God.  The Tech Team's ministry is to serve our worship teams and congregation in a way that empowers people and brings Honour and Glory to God.  We eliminate distractions and create an atmosphere where people can focus on what is important... participating in worship and focusing on the message God has for us each time we meet.

Arlie Riendeau

First Impressions Team Coordinator
Hello!  I am Arlie Riendeau, your Ushers/Greeters  Coordinator. I have been serving in various ministries at  Life Church Fort Saskatchewan, and have called it my home since about 2008.  One of my passions is meeting new people, welcoming them, and inviting them to be a part of a loving growing family.  Just dream with me for a moment; Life Church FS becoming that place, "where everybody knows your name" and everyone feels  loved and at home here. This is also our Heavenly Father's heart.

In Romans 12:10,11,13 (TPT), He instructs us to "Be devoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family.  Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honour of one another.  Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward  Him  boiling hot!  Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let Him fill you with excitement as you serve Him. Take a  constant interest in the needs of God's beloved people and respond by helping them.  And eagerly welcome people as guests into your home."

Here at Life Church Fort Saskatchewan, we invite and welcome everyone to be a part of this ministry.